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Grade Passback


How We Save Teachers Time​

Improved Accuracy

Human data transcription error rate is 1-2%. That means even if you're paying attention, about 1 out of 100 grades will have a typo if done by a human.

Auto Grade Sorting

Differentiation has never been this easy! Assign in whatever fits the student's needs best and have GradeTransferer do the sorting and data passback for you.

Affiliate Program

Cash rewards for anyone who helps to spread GradeTransferer!


Works With 30+ different

platforms & gradebooks

Albert.io McGraw Hill Aleks Amplify AP Classroom Aspen Big Ideas Learning Canvas Edhesive Edulastic Genesis Formative Google Classroom Google Sheets IDLA Infinite Campus Membean Moodle NoRedInk Otus Pearson Mastering Power School Realtime Schoology Schools PLP Socrative Study Island Synergy Teacher Access Center (eSchool TAC) Quizziz ZipGrade

Trusted by Schools & Districts Nationwide

Hundreds of schools and districts, and tens of thousands of teachers are already saving time daily using GradeTransferer. The average teacher saves about an hour a week, accumulating to several days of time recouped by the end of the school year.

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Our Quick-Start Course is perfect for any teacher and can get them started right away!


Insiders Affiliate Program

Love GradeTransferer and want to get rewarded for telling people how amazing it is? This is for you!



Refunds & Discounts

Discounts are available for schools. Teachers can get refunds on personal subscriptions if their school later buys them access.


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