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  • We send an email to your address with information to access the GradeTransferer portal to get started

  • You take a 2-3 minute course

  • You start saving hours of time 😁

  • You can cancel or get more support anytime


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Common Questions / Topics

What happens next?

Upon registering, we'll send you an email with your account information to access the GradeTransferer portal. There you'll be able to get set up in about 2-minutes and get start saving time right away!

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Supported Platforms

GradeTransferer supports nearly 40 different ed-tech platforms and gradebooks. Here is a shortcut to our most current list. We're continually adding new features and integrations. If you have advice on how we can improve or what we should add, please let us know!

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Professional Development

We take pride in ensuring that GradeTransferer is easy to use for everyone.

Additionally, we provide 24/7 support via email, support tickets, articles, tutorial videos, and even one-on-one conferences for technical issues in certain cases. Everything is conveniently located in our GradeTransferer portal.

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Student Data Privacy

We are FERPA, COPPA, CIRPA, NYS Ed Law 2-d, SOPPA, and SOPIPA compliant. Additionally, we have various state-specific DPAs already signed with Exhibit-Es that your district can opt to join if desired. Here is a shortcut to our Privacy Policy.

GradeTransferer does not collect student data (this is a fundamental cornerstone of our service and will not change – and we're very proud of it 😁).

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Cancalations, Refunds, & Discounts

You can cancel your subscription anytime here. If you're interested in getting GradeTransferer at a discounted rate, getting a full refund, or even getting paid, check for details inside the GradeTransferer Portal.

By the way, if your school purchases access for you during the year, we can refund the unused portion of your individual account so you get your money back, or you can donate your remaining time to a teacher in need.